Connecting your blood glucose meter to your computer

Transferring data from your Contour® blood glucose meter to your computer is easy. Review the information below to find out what is needed to connect your meter to a computer.

The Contour™ NEXT LINK and Contour™ NEXT LINK 2.4 meters do not require a cable to transfer data to a computer. They can each be plugged directly into a computer's USB data port.

If you own a Contour™ NEXT meter you will need to purchase a data cable to connect your meter to your computer.

Both of these data cables are proprietary to Contour® devices, so you will need to install the appropriate cable driver software before using them for the first time. (see below)

Download and install cable drivers:

To download the latest cable drivers (for use with both USB Data Cables and Serial Port Data Cables), please click on the link below:

The Contour™NEXT meter uses a USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B 5-pin male cable to transfer data from the meter to a computer. This cable cannot be purchased from us but is available in the electronics department of most retail stores or from a mobile phone store. This cable is compatible with many smartphones, such as the Motorola™ Droid, HTC Evo™, and many others, so you may already have this type of cable.